What is Active X-it?

The Active X-it Project is a multi-stage initiative whose goal is to increase the success rate of early stage e-commerce or SaaS ventures and related investments. This program includes an Active X-it Investment Fund, an assistance program, an angel education program, and other unique resources for the community at large - all located within the heart of Pittsburgh. 


What We Do:


We Allow Founders to focus

When an entrepreneur is tasked with scaling a company, their time and energy are pulled in an endless amount of directions. By working with Active X-it, founders are able to eliminate the distractions that take them away from building their product or service. We surround all of our entrepreneurs with ancillary services that get the job done for them. 

We Invest with a Milestone Based Format

In the world of angel investing, we don’t follow the “all for one, one for all” approach. Every startup we invest in follows a milestone based system that starts small but has room for growth. We prefer to reward base on achievement, instead of need. 

We engage with Active Mentorship

We completely redefine what it means to be a mentor. All the mentors we assign to a company are contractually obligated to work a set number of hours for the startup while guiding them with their skill sets and expertise over a period of 6+ months. These Active X-it Mentors are committed to the company’s success. 

WHy Choose Active X-it?

Our value stems from multiple layers of support. 

We understand that launching and scaling businesses are one of the most difficult things you can do in your career. Often times, many founders feel that they’re on their own island without any resources within reach. With Active X-it by your side, not only will you be able to have the resources you need but you’ll also be able to leverage the skill sets and network of our entire team, investors, and mentor pool. With our hands-on approach we’ll be able to work together and achieve success for your business.