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The art of angel investing can be an incredibly stressful, risky, and time consuming process. Unfortunately over the past decade, many angel investment groups have adopted an “all for one, one for all” mindset in evaluating and investing in seed stage startups. From this pattern, we’ve identified three main issues: 

  1. Investor Money is Not Utilized Effectively and Efficiently

  2. Companies/Founders are distracted by standardized and mandated programs.

  3. When investors are paired with entrepreneurs, it somehow leads to a low success rate.

To combat these issues, we’ve created a fully customized end to end solution for early stage companies that focuses on active mentorship and eliminating distractions so companies' go-to-market strategy is accelerated and implemented more efficiently. 

Along the way, we've developed three mindsets that apply to ever decision we make:

We Build Businesses through a repeatable process

We believe that building a sustainable and scalable business is a repeatable process. With that in mind, we’ve built a system that we believe will increase the success rate of startup companies. By using our process, we’ll be able to plan ahead, tackle issues upfront, and surround founders with the resources that they need. 

We Choose Quality over Quantity

An angel investment portfolio should never build its success through the collection of dozens of small bets. Instead of catching a wide array of opportunities, we prefer to unique levels of depth with a select few. Our evaluation process is extremely critical of the potential of each startup that applies to our program. Since this is the case, we actively choose to limit our number of active investments between 3 - 5 in any given year. 

We work with and for our Investments

In order to bring the greatest amount of success to any given investment, we realize that a proactive approach is critical. Beyond providing capital resources, we dedicate additional resources and skill sets so that we’re able to track and scale each business appropriately. 

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We are happy to provide additional Limited Partner information to any accredited investor. For additional information, or to learn more about any aspect of the Active X-it Fund, please complete this form.

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