Thank you for your interest into our intensive hands-on Active X-it program. We pride ourselves in being able to identify, scale, and build successful businesses with progressive entrepreneurs. 

Over the course of the year, AXI selects and Invests in multiple mid-seed stage ecommence or SaaS startups primarily helping them scale their business. It is our belief that building a sustainable and profitable business is a repeatable process. And due to the comprehensive partnership nature of the program, we are dedicated to making sure that all of our entrepreneurs receive the resources they need in their most critical times. 

Our program provides a minimum of $50,000 and invests on a milestone basis performance for an equity stake in your company. Additionally, we allow you to focus on scaling your business by providing services that will eliminate most distractions. This can include (but not limited to) services that fall within the realm of accounting, human resources, business law, logistics, and marketing. 

Components of Consideration 

When it comes to evaluating companies for the Active X-it program, there are a few key areas in our assessment process that will carry the most weight: 

  • Domain expertise & industry knowledge that stems from your team 
  • Ability to provide market research & showing you're solving a problem / issue
  • Business and revenue models
  • The scalability of your product or service
  • Values & ethics of your team

As a group, we are agnostic to industry but strictly prefer to work with e-commerce or SaaS companies. When it comes to the final decision, we aim to work with companies that we can bring the most value to. 

Companies We are unable to work with

Although Active X-it is a very progressive and forward thinking investment group, there are certain industries or elements that we choose not to work with: 

  • Any business that may or may not be legal within the United States of America
  • Any business that is a non-profit, religious organization, or driven by social agenda
  • Any business that may cause direct harm or lead to death
  • Any business that are capital intensive from the start in order to obtain government clearances or move past state led hurdles
  • Any business that is considered a social media platform